Giles Van Gruisen

Thready for iPhone

I worked with another designer and personally led development of Thready for iPhone. Thready is a private discussion platform that lets small groups communicate with ease. I helped architect and implement an API wrapper as well as a thin caching layer to both interact with and store data from the Node server. From there, I built a ReactiveCocoa and MVVM-powered card system with a custom navigation controller to allow for quick UI updates and transitions.

Luff for iPhone

I designed and built Luff for iPhone as a way to teach myself Swift and play with iOS 8’s new camera APIs. I wanted a manual photography app that used sliders to allow the user to get just the right exposure, focus, ISO, and zoom from anywhere on the image preview. I implemented a custom slider with variable sensitivity that changes depending on the distance between the user's gesture and the slider.

Fetchnotes for iPhone

I helped design and build Fetchnotes for iPhone, a dead simple note-taking app that uses hashtags for organization and @tags for sharing. Because it's a hybrid HTML5/JavaScript app (built on, there was a lot of work required to make it feel responsive and smooth. Some of my responsibilities included writing modules to expose native Cocoa Touch APIs to the AngularJS app in order to provide additional functionality and help make the app feel more familiar to the user.